Downspout Goalpost

Product Details

Downspout Goalpost Dimensions


The Downspout Goalpost is designed to fit a variety of downspout and tube sizes, from 2"-5".


  • The Downspout Goalpost is made from white, high density polyethylene plastic
  • It can be painted to match a desired color
  • UV Resistant to avoid yellowing and discoloration due to UV rays
  • The Downspout Goalpost is made for outdoor weather conditions


  • Helps keep water away from your foundation
  • Gradually slopes downspout away from your house
  • Prevents wind from moving your downspout
  • Allows grass to grow beneath your downspout


The Downspout Goalpost installs easily by pushing the spike into the ground. To tighten the piece for the 2" and 3" extensions simply twist it 20 degrees upon pushing it into the ground.

Watch a 3 year old install one in this short video: